Prime journal, not the first treatise on animals - Crossword Clue

The most likely answer to the crossword clue Prime journal, not the first treatise on animals is BESTIARY.

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Clue Length Answer
Abridged journal‘s urge is suppressed in squandering 9! (1,3,1) An anagram (ALL CHANGE, the answer to ‘9’A) of ‘squandering’ less (‘suppressed’) ‘urge is’. I am quite prepared to believe that N & Q is some journal, but I do not have the slightest idea what it is in full. Note that the construction explicitly states that the anagram is taken first, to get URGE IS N AND Q, and then ‘urge is’ can be removed without further anagramming (or, for good measure, the ALL CHANGE could cover ‘urge is’ as well). Afterthought: is it Notes and Queries, for a personal journal, rather than a publication? 7 N AND Q
Short written treatise on area not special for examiner 9 DISSECTOR
Begin, for example, as prime minister? Prime minister won’t begin! 7 ISRAELI
Prime attraction showing prime cut, perhaps 4 MEAT
Expert’s treatise shows what can help a handicapped person 10 PROSTHESIS
Pull out old treatise 7 EXTRACT
Succinct treatise from small religious community 5 SUMMA